The Benefits of Adopting Pets – Change a Pet's Life Day

January 24th is National Change a Pet’s Life Day, a day when we raise awareness about animals living in shelters and the many benefits of adopting instead of shopping when you choose to bring home a new pet.

5 Benefits of Adopting a Pet From an Animal Shelter


1. Save More Than One Life

The most important reason to adopt a shelter pet is that doing so saves more than one life. You’re not only saving the animal you bring home from the possibility of being euthanized, but you’re also creating a free space in your local animal shelter where another homeless animal can find food, shelter, safety, care, and a chance at finding a forever home.

2. No Surprises

If you adopt a slightly older shelter pet, you aren’t likely to run into any surprises when it comes to your new pet’s health and demeanor like it could when adopting a puppy or kitten without any history.

3. Less Expensive

It’s almost always less expensive to adopt a pet from a shelter than to purchase one. Plus, the adoption fee for shelter animals typically includes your pet’s vaccinations and spay or neuter procedure.

4. Combats Cruel Breeding Practices

When you adopt a shelter pet, you can be sure that your adoption fee is going towards a good cause and not the furthering of an irresponsible puppy mill or unethical breeding facility.

5. Unconditional Love

Knowing how lonely shelter life can be, your newly adopted pet will truly love and appreciate you and the life you can provide.

More Ways You Can Change a Pet's Life

If you’re not ready to own a pet just yet, you can still celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day by helping out at your local animal shelter. Sign up to foster an animal or donate your time, money, or pet supplies to help the pets in a local shelter.

New Pet Appointments at Akeso Veterinary Clinic

If you choose to change a pet’s life for the better and adopt a new pet, don’t forget to schedule a new pet appointment at Akeso Veterinary Clinic in Canonsburg, PA. We’ll examine your pet and ensure they have all of the vaccines and parasite preventatives needed to keep them healthy and safe. Additionally, we can talk with you about every aspect of your new pet’s care to help you give them the best chance at living a better life.
To learn more or schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact Akeso Veterinary Clinic today.

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