Akeso Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped with a suite of in-house, state-of-the-art diagnostics designed to enhance and aid your pet’s veterinary care experience.

Diagnostic Services for Pets at Akeso Veterinary Clinic

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory facilitates a variety of diagnostic testing including but not limited to blood chemistry analysis and complete blood count, urinalysis, cytology, and fecal testing.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging such as digital x-ray and ultrasound is highly useful in detecting and diagnosing a variety of health problems in pets in addition to evaluating injuries, musculoskeletal issues, locating ingested foreign objects, and aiding in surgeries.

How We Use Diagnostics to Care for Your Pet

When our pets are sick or injured, they have no way to tell us how they are feeling or to describe their symptoms to us, and many of the medical conditions that affect dogs and cats result in very similar outward symptoms. As a result, it can be difficult to determine the underlying cause of a pet’s illness based on just their symptoms and a physical examination.
Diagnostic testing allows our veterinarians access to a limitless store of information about the function and form of your pet’s body. We can use diagnostic testing to evaluate their organ function, organ placement, development, joint function, hormone levels, blood chemistry, to look for indicators of disease or parasites, and more.

Why Does My Healthy Pet Need a Diagnostic Test?

There are occasions when we might recommend a diagnostic test for a normal and healthy pet. We often use diagnostics as a part of a pet’s ongoing wellness care, especially to screen genetically predisposed breeds and/or aging pets’ health for the earliest signs of disease. Additionally, diagnostics will be used to screen pets for signs of heartworm before administering a heartworm preventative.
Diagnostics are also used as a part of your pet’s pre-surgical health evaluation. Routine bloodwork can reveal the condition of your pet’s organs, ensuring they are healthy enough to undergo surgery or a dental cleaning performed under general anesthesia.

Fast Results With In-House Diagnostics at Akeso Veterinary Clinic

At Akeso Veterinary Clinic in Canonsburg, we’re proud to provide in-house diagnostics that deliver our patients’ test results fast. When you bring your pet to us for a routine health screening or sick pet appointment, we won’t have to wait days to receive your pet’s test results back from an outside laboratory. Depending on the type of test, we can often have their results back to you during your pet’s appointment or on the same day.
To learn more about diagnostic testing or your pet’s test results, we welcome you to contact our office today.