Soft Tissue Surgery

While we prefer to treat pets with non-invasive treatment strategies whenever possible, surgery is sometimes still necessary for the prevention of more serious issues or the treatment of a health concern that has already arisen. At Akeso Veterinary Clinic, we’re proud to provide our patients with comprehensive care, including soft tissue surgery.

Soft Tissue Surgery at Akeso Veterinary Clinic

We are experienced in and fully equipped to provide treatment and care with a variety of soft tissue surgeries including:

What to Expect When Your Pet Needs Surgery

We understand that having a pet scheduled for a surgical procedure can often feel stressful and overwhelming for pet parents. We’ll be here to answer your questions and talk with you about the concerns you might have regarding your pet’s upcoming surgery. We always ensure our pet parents understand their pets’ treatment options and are aware of all the risks and benefits of surgery.

Presurgical Evaluation and Counseling

Before performing surgery on a pet that requires general anesthesia, we’ll perform a thorough physical examination and run routine blood tests to ensure your pet can safely undergo the procedure at hand. We will also discuss any pre-operative instructions with you at this time. This might include restricting your pet’s food and water the night before surgery, administering medications, and your pet’s scheduled drop-off time.

Day of Surgery

On your pet’s day of surgery, we use only the highest-quality pet medications, in addition to state-of-the-art surgical tools and patient monitoring equipment. This helps us closely monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the operation to ensure your pet has a comfortable, pain-free, stress-free, and successful surgery.

Post-Operative Care and Counseling

Post-operative instructions will vary depending on the type of procedure your pet has. Pets can return home the same day following most procedures. On the day of surgery, we typically recommend keeping your pet confined in a warm, clean, and quiet space with access to plenty of drinking water where they will be able to rest and recover.
When you arrive at our clinic to pick up your pet, we will provide you with additional instructions regarding the administration of any necessary medications, incision care, diet, and follow-up appointments if necessary.

State-of-the-Art Veterinary Care in Canonsburg

At Akeso Veterinary Clinic, we’re proud to provide our patients with comprehensive care, including veterinary surgery, in the comfort of our calm and clean veterinary office environment. If your pet is in need of soft tissue surgery or if you have questions about your pet’s upcoming surgery appointment, we welcome you to contact our office.