Preparing to Take Your Pet on Vacation: 10 Essential Tips for Summer Travel

Summer months bring joy and excitement to families, as they embark on vacations to create cherished memories together. For many pet owners, the thought of leaving their beloved fur babies behind can be disheartening. At Akeso Veterinary Clinic in Canonsburg, PA, we understand the importance of having your pets by your side during these special moments. That’s why we’re here to provide you with essential tips for traveling with your pets this summer, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for both you and your furry companions.


10 Tips for Safely Traveling With Your Pet This Summer


1. Visit the Veterinarian

Before hitting the road, schedule a thorough check-up for your pet at Akeso Veterinary Clinic. This will ensure your pet is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations. Additionally, discuss any specific health concerns or medication needs during travel.

2. Prepare a Pet Travel Kit

Pack a travel kit for your pet, which should include their regular food, water, bowls, leash, toys, and any necessary medications. Familiar items from home can help reduce stress during the journey.

3. Secure Your Pet During Travel

For car trips, use a pet restraint or a travel crate to keep your pet safe and secure. Avoid letting them roam freely in the car, as it may lead to distractions and potential hazards.

4. Get Them Used to the Car

If your pet isn’t accustomed to car rides, take short trips to acclimate them to the experience. Gradually increase the duration, rewarding them with treats and praise to build positive associations with car travel.

5. ID Tags and Microchips

Ensure your pet wears a collar with up-to-date ID tags containing your contact information. Additionally, microchipping your pet provides an added layer of security if they become separated from you.

6. Research Pet-Friendly Accommodations

When booking accommodations, verify that they are pet-friendly. Many hotels, rentals, and campgrounds welcome pets, but it’s always best to double-check their policies and see what kinds of accommodations they make for pets, in advance.

7. Keep Hydration in Mind

Traveling during the summer means higher temperatures, so it’s crucial to keep your pet hydrated. Always bring a portable water bowl and have fresh water available and offer it to them regularly, especially during rest stops.

8. Plan Frequent Breaks

Long journeys can be tiring for your pet, so plan regular breaks to allow them to stretch their legs and take bathroom breaks. This will help keep them more comfortable during the trip.

9. Research Your Destination

Before traveling, research the area you’ll be visiting to find pet-friendly parks, beaches, and attractions. Plan activities that your pet can enjoy with you, ensuring they are included in the vacation fun.

10. Be Mindful of Temperature

Never leave your pet alone in a parked car, as temperatures can rise dangerously high, even on seemingly mild days. If you need to run errands, take your pet with you or have someone stay with them in the car with the engine running and air conditioning on.

With these 10 essential tips for traveling with your pet this summer, you can now embark on a memorable vacation with your entire family, including your furry companions. Remember to schedule a visit to Akeso Veterinary Clinic in Canonsburg, PA, for a comprehensive pet check-up before your trip. Our team of caring professionals will ensure your pet is healthy and ready for the adventure ahead. If you’re leaving the country, don’t forget to contact us and inquire about health certificates for your pet. Happy travels!


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