‘Howl’-o-ween! The Top 5 Best Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Halloween is just around the corner, and most pet owners are already thinking of ways to dress up their beloved fur babies! Although not all pets will share the same enthusiasm as their two-legged counterparts, we have found a costume for even the stubbornest of pets. From Superheroes to Hot Dogs , we’re sure to have something perfect for your furry friend!

Channel Your Pets Inner Superman

Number one on our list is the ever-popular superhero costume. If you are a die hard fan of superhero comics, or just love Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, then this is the perfect costume for your furry friend!

Dressing Your Pet Up Like Your Favorite TV or Movie Character

For those of you who are more into Television or Movies, we suggest dressing your pet up as your favorite character! For example, if you love Harry Potter, then you could dress your pet up as a Hogwarts Student.

Stick to the Spirit of Halloween with A Spooky Costume Choice

Another great option for Halloween costumes is to dress your pet up as something spooky! If you have a black cat, then they would make the perfect witch’s assistant. Or if you have a dog, they could be a werewolf! Just use your imagination, and you’re sure to come up with some great ideas.

Pick a Costume to Show Off your Pets Personality

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, then why not try dressing your pet up in a costume that represents their personality? For example, if your dog is always begging for food, then they could dress up as a hotdog. If you want to be guaranteed a good laugh, sometimes it’s best to pick a funny costume over a stylish one.

Coordinated Costumes Are Sure To Be Fun For Both You and Your Pet

Finally, one of the best things about Halloween is that you can dress up as a pair! If you have more than one pet, consider dressing them up as an iconic pair, like Peter Pan & Tinkerbell or Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 & Thing 2. If it’s just you and your pup, consider dressing up as a Cop and your pup as the Robber.
No matter the costume that you choose for your pet this Halloween, there are a few tips that we feel will help prepare you for the special night.

Making Halloween Plans With Your Pet At Akeso Veterinary Clinic

As you and your pet are getting ready for Halloween this year, we encourage you to bring him/her in for a wellness exam and check up before the big day. Our Doctors at Akeso Veterinary Center are happy to help your pet get a clean bill of health so he/she can enjoy the night out trick or treating or simply greeting the children that come to your door while wearing the awesome costume you chose for them. Call us today to Schedule an appointment, and we wish you all a Happy Howl-o-ween!

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